Virtual VS Real

virtual vs realRenders, often a little idealized, are needed to try to sell the idea of ​​a design to a client, in which case some artistic maneuver margin is a necessary evil. However, once sold the idea, What happens when a representation is more idyllic than reality? maybe for us it is a somewhat controversial topic, BZ architecture because in one of the different services we offer is editing 3D renders, and we think the renders as an image of a project before it is implemented to the maximum approach to architectural design, either with different materials testing or trying to extol the main idea of ​​the project through a retouched by Photoshop image. Virtual vs Real.

We have seen many glitzy and glamorous representations that immediately attract attention. For example a render where the climate is absolutely perfect, the glint of sunlight through a glass facade, where all the people around the image appears to be located in the right place, and finally the render itself is more eloquent than the architecture implies the project. The nosotros these renderings we like, but we also like to see the closest possible result to the reality of the future project.

Therefore I will show some amazing architectural renders the final result is not as amazing as the rendered image, the draft public art installation in New York or the water falls Olafur Eliasson. In the render clearly see how the water has a role and a much larger force, a more impressive and dramatic effect in reality.

virtual vs real

The other project to render respect compare vs reality, is the almost completed building by Herzog & de Meuron, el Elbe Philharmonic Hall. In the renders of this project, Hinged glass facade resembles a perfect blanket, almost weightless. However, seeing pictures of the almost finished work, la fachada no muestra el mismo efecto y ligereza que las olas vidriosas que aparecen en los renders.

virtual vs real

Displaying the previous examples we rethink the purpose of these virtual images and their purpose. For what are the renders? To attract customers or to approach reality and thus improve the project? Either option is valid. In BZ Architecture, try to get closer to the real thing as possible and finish defining all project details.

virtual vs real


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